Roadtrippin To Duluth :: Part I


This weekend we ventured up to Duluth for our first ever vacation as a family of three. While we've made trips to visit family or for various work commitments, this was the first time it was 'just for us'. Just for fun. Just to spend time together. So when labor day presented itself, we decided on a little trip up north. We woke up leisurely, packed up and headed out on an adventure. 

We made it to Duluth by lunchtime and went to a recommended eat called the 'New Scenic Cafe.' It did not disappoint. They had pretty fancy foods, but Ben and I both decided on the cheeseburger -we eat like children- and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Eowyn was pleased with the added blueberries to every dish and it was fun listening to the conversations going on around us in such a quaint space. Eowyn even had an older woman play peekaboo with her, so, she definitely recommends the place.   

From there we went straight over to Gooseberry State Park to check out the falls. We were pleasantly surprised when we were directed to free parking and Eowyn was super excited to hang out in the carrier. While it was busy, it was really cool to see all the different people there. We talked to a family from India, and hung out near a group from Ontario. So many commented on the goofy smile Eowyn had plastered to her face the whole time. The falls, trees and the crazy monkey kids swimming in the falls all combined to equal a fun experience.

We set our google maps for the lighthouse, but right as we got there Eowyn fell asleep-a mere like 5 minutes into the car and she was out. We drove in to the parking lot, saw it (kind of) but decided it was best saved for another day. So, back we drove to Duluth.
About halfway there,  we saw a cool spot to park next to Lake Superior so we stopped to dip our feet in. All I gotta say is that water is COLD. Eowyn was not pleased, but we did it, and we're glad we did. We watched as some kayakers came to shore and spotted a big cargo ship. We even saw a few faces from the falls.

 After we had our fill, we got the girl situated, and hopped in the car again. My favorite part happened next.

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