There's something to remembering to grab my camera once a week. It bleeds into me taking pictures the next day and then the next and rather than just a few here and there. I have a bunch of memories I've already forgotten about now stored. My laptop cord broke rendering my computer unusable this past week. In some ways, this was an incredible blessing. I organized a lot, and read more books rather than blogs. It was a good time to go through and get things all orderly, especially after the holidays. So, this is a bit late due to that, but no bigs right?
Looking at these two gets me excited. Eowyn is starting to grasp the cheesy grin. While it'll make the chase for the real smile all the more a challenge, it's sweet. She's already getting this idea that mama likes to take pictures. And as if it weren't already obvious. This girl LOVES her dad.

Speaking of her dad, I've had an incredible opportunity to see Ben as a father this week. It's interesting and incredibly encouraging to me to see how becoming a father to Eowyn in so many ways turned him into a father to many. I got to watch him encourage a kid like a son and in so many ways it makes me excited for the opportunity to see him with our children as they get older. Ben's a smart guy, if I haven't  made mention of that fact here, let me do so now. He's incredibly intelligent. Yet, compassionate as well. I often see the two not going hand in hand. But then you take that and translate that into fatherhood?  Wisdom and compassion and truth-speaking mixed=Wowza. I picked well.

And as for my girl. She is a legitimate delight. I like her. I know that every mom loves their kids and most presumably like them as well, but I think if Eowyn wasn't my kid, I'd still enjoy her company. I have a sneaking suspicion that as one of my wife-friends from Ben's work said: "If they look like him, they'll act like you!" It's no doubt Eowyn looks like a Sprague. It just may turn out she's got her mama's roots underneath that pretty face. She has a pretty stellar singing voice too. Oh, and she has officially mastered the close-mouthed kisses. And all God's people say amen. We had to nix that tongue-slobber action quick before she thought it was funny to kiss boys (cuz you know...her mother got that weird habit when she was like 6. Thanks Dad for taking care of that.) Don't worry folks, we got things under control.

Also, we bought an ikea potty and Eowyn has dominated the whole potty training business. We're not really going heavy after it. She's only a year and half after all,  but she thinks it's fun and had like a 5 day streak of going in it atleast once a day. I'm sure any more details  will someday embarrass her...so, I'll just say I'm proud of her.

She's just a smart kid, and any excuse for me to wave the "I'VE GOT A KID-GENIUS" flag, I most likely will be waving it.

Happy Sunday.

I hope this third week of January is peaceful and proves to be a real blessing for you and your families.

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