Ten on Ten :: October 2014


Today was a thorough 'grey day.' The fog settled on Helsinki before we ever got up and by the looks of it, it won't be leaving before we go to sleep. It's one of those days where when Ben walks in the place looks worse than when he left, but his girl is still a whole lot of happy. Muffins were eaten, playdough was played, shows were watched, laundry was washed and dancing most definitely occurred. So, a pretty good friday indeed.

Fog settling in-this as at 9:00 this morning // baby girl toes // prettiest newest thing I own // "Is anything too hard for the Lord? Naptime Diaries Print. // Same state as they were in this morning // Homemade // Making playdough people // Sorting baby brothers clothes // book club, catching up // Best way to end a night //

Hey! It's the weekend! Happy Friday, Friends.

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