The Best Part of Our Days :: Him Coming Home.


Not too long ago I took time weekly to gush about the man-half of this sprague duo. If you want to see, look no further. While life has gotten busy, and I've found that words spoken to flesh rather than over a computer screen often have more meaning, I don't want to go too long without raving about the Mr here on the good ol Celebrating Daily.

Since we've moved here, Ben has had to love and move toward two very emotional girls. We've had a lot of workings going on in our hearts, and it's no small feat to get to the core of the issues. This is especially true when those conversations happen after a long day of being an introverted man working with several people face-to-face.  Yet, he does it. He pastors and loves us deep.

I think the most obvious way that his 'shade' has benefited our home is the joy that ends up coming out of it. Our little girl is a confident little girl because of her dad and his attention and adoration. My heart is a contented heart, often even in the midst of struggle, because of his kindness. He makes room for joy. He makes room for real, and he makes room for us to just breath a little and hide away. He knows his family.

I find the longer I live, the less men of character I meet. Men that rise to the challenge of loving and caring well for their families, friends and communities, men that live sacrificially, they seem rare. I can't even list the ways this guy has done exactly that. I'm proud to be his. Humbled, really. He treasures his friendships and sees beyond just our little apartment. He's an excellent dad, and an even better husband.  He leads this family well.

Ben Sprague, you're the best part of our days. Life with you is a good way to live.

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