Another Day in Tallinn :: Christmas Market


Ben's company decided to host the Christmas party this year in Tallinn, Estonia. That meant this past weekend we got to ride the boat again and spend some time in Old Town. We stayed at a hotel that had a pool (much to the delight of our little girl) and Ben and I got a date out of the deal.

We rode in on a Friday, had the Christmas party that evening (I got to even re-wear a dress I had bought with Eowyn's pregnancy, so that was pretty great) and got to spend the full next day out and about. It ended up being quite the long day, and we had a very sleepy little girl, but we still had a good time checking out Tallinn's Christmas market (complete with reindeer!), and this super cute, super delicious cafe close by called Caffeine. Ben said it actually had the best mocha he's had in ages. Eowyn was a fan of the hot chocolate, but no surprise there.

I think the sweetest part of the trip was seeing our girl bond with one of the other girls her age. They've slowly become best buds and she had a blast playing with her the whole boat ride there as well as several hours throughout the two day trip. It's fun to begin to see Eowyn have friends of her own, who she requests by name.

Oh, also the hotel had a restaurant that had macaroons, so my life was made.

I got to say Tallinn, you've won us over.

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