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When planning out all the fun things we wanted to show my mom & dad during their stay in Helsinki, Ben got the great idea to look into doing a day-trip to Estonia. We've heard great things, and we live walking distance from the boat terminal where we could board a cruise ship to go over. After looking into it, we thought it would be a great time and decided on going the first day Ben had off work.
The boat trip was a mere two hours, and they had a room on ship that had all sorts of toys and a ball-pit, so Eowyn was pretty well entertained the whole ride. In fact, by the time we got off the boat, she was already pretty tuckered out. We boarded at 7 AM and spent the day touring Old town. It was cold at times, but really was the Old Europe I imagined when first dreaming of moving here. While Helsinki is a much newer city, being so close to such beautiful architecture made for a happy day.
We walked the streets, found a few token souvenirs and came home on the 4:30 ferry, just in time to walk back home and have dinner. It was the perfect amount of time (thanks to the tips of our friends who had made the journey before us) and we were excited to have been able to visit and share discovering new places with my mom and dad.
My parents were leaving early friday morning, so we took Thursday to rest easy and we were glad we did. Not only were we pretty tired from the large amount of walking that Tallinn gave us, the weather was pretty rainy and cold. It even snowed on Thursday evening. I'm so happy to have had them for the time we did. 
 We now get to have visitors/events to look forward to all the way past our baby boy's arrival. I've been kind of holding out all year for this season to begin, and now that it's here, I am thoroughly enjoying the festivities. We're already gearing up for our next set of visitors: Ben's mom & Dad who come Christmastime! All this to say, we're happy the holiday season has finally arrived.
Hope youre staying warm in this cold weather and enjoying the weekend. It's a solid 30's-40's/ 0-5 degrees here and looks like it'll stay that way. They even have christmas everywhere. Despite not having an American thanksgiving (which we're throwing a party anyways!) they really do know how to usher in the holiday season. Every week I see more and more sparkle.

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