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With the first snow under our belt here in Finland, and the reality that things aren't going to get warmer here on out, I started seeking out ways to keep us busy through the next several months. Back stateside, I had a few friends recommend kid-subscription boxes to me. They had purchased them for their own kidlets and always commented how it gave them something exciting to look forward to every month. While I have only dabbled in the world of subscription box services ( I got one trial box many moons ago,) it seemed like a seriously good idea for this season.

I soon discovered that there just wasn't the options that I found stateside. Any subscription boxes I did find weren't really tailored to moms and kiddos, weren't for Eowyns age, or only shipped to the UK.

and then I stumbled upon Almondella. I got pretty excited.

Not only was it high quality products, the boxes were tailored to specific developmental milestones for ages newborn through three years old. While some subscription boxes focus on a specific area (like crafts for kids) this box seemed to be one of the only ones I found that did a great job of focusing more holistically on children and their needs.

Almondella is based out of Finland.They're actually here in Helsinki, down the street from our place, but service all of Europe. The boxes are based on the concept of the Maternity box that the government gives to mom's-to-be here in Finland. That holistic aspect I mentioned really is represented well when considering that their inspiration is from a box tailored to meet a baby's needs.  Almondella boxes are created for pregnant moms all the way to 36 month toddlers and carry 4-5 high-quality items each month. 

In addition, they're all about supporting small creative businesses, while being earth-friendly. The more I grow in my understanding of how our money affects the world globally, the more I can get behind such a vision. I was thrilled to have found them.

While I have loved everything I've seen on their site so far, one thing that I was super impressed with was the option to have a sneak-peak of the box BEFORE you get it. The beauty of this is that they even allow you to pass up a month if you please. I can't tell you how much I love this idea!  They also offer a 'trial box' that's steeply discounted.

I was pretty set on giving them a try, so in my excitement, (and in my tendency to always be on the lookout for a discount,) I shot them an email asking about any deals/coupons available before ordering.

Not only did we get a discount, but we got to meet one of the employees personally as she came to hand deliver our box. Eowyn repeatedly said 'thank you' even after our new friend, Hanna had gone back to work. :) So, we were very excited about how kind they were to do that for us.

During Hanna's visit, she interviewed me a bit for a blog post on their site. To read the interview, click here. (The last two of the pictures of this post Hanna took. They give you an even better idea of how much fun Eowyn had with the unveiling of the box.) Needless to say, it was great getting to know Hanna and play with all these goodies.

And now on to the box (the best part!)

Our first box had a cooking theme and was wrapped sweetly. Little candies (which were consumed faster than I could take a picture,) sweet wooden veggies that Eowyn can 'cut' by her self, moomin cookie cutters, a notebook for recipes (I've claimed it for myself,) and a sweet tea towel were all part of our box. In addition, we got a cute longsleeve organic cotton shirt that's from a Lithuanian company. Eowyn was a big fan of the "cat!" on the T.  So much so, she took off her shirt nearly immediately to put her new one on.

It's been a few weeks since we've received our box, and Eowyn is still playing with the veggies on a regular basis. We've made some moomin play-dough cookies, and have enjoyed hiding beneath and 'cleaning up' spills with the tea towel. I'm pleased with how the box has held our interest.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming months and the sweet surprises that will come from our almondella subscription. The items represent Finland and our fellow countries so well, I'm excited for the memory keepsakes we'll find through this (like the moomin cookie cutters!). We may even order a few boxes for our little guy.

All this to say, we're grateful to have found them.

In addition to receiving a coupon ourselves, I get to offer it to Celebrating Daily readers! Check out to see the sweet boxes they send. If you order a trial box, subscription or gift box use the code "cd25" and get 25% off the first box. 

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