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Time is starting to speed up. Especially with the holidays, I anticipate that these last several weeks will buzz right on by. The friends that I have that are momma's of two littles often comment how fast the second pregnancy went compared to the first, and I couldn't agree more. I think I spend a lot less time worrying about when he comes as I did before. God had his hand on so many details that now, looking back, I find a lot of peace in recognizing how little control I have over details. 

I AM reading up on transitioning to two littles and am really loving a few finds on the topic. I'll perhaps share more in a different post.

All that two say, my brain is starting to think of us as a family of four, and I can't praise God enough for that. I wasn't all too sure if we'd be more than the three of us for a while, so to see God answer in the ways he has...well it's pretty awesome.

This picture is ACTUALLY a day away from 25 weeks (woops) but we're coming along. The other day I was planning out my week and while remembering this post, realized that I only have 2 more posts like these: 28-32 and then 34-38.  Perhaps I'll be able to post that 40 week post (which would be kind of perfect, because thats when my momma comes for baby) but, regardless I'm not sure if I'll feel much like jumping in front of the camera. :)  All that to say, having a february baby rocks. One, because of the the weeks fly by (and delicious food is served.) TWO because I have my own heating system over here and THREE because winter snuggling is totally okay by me. Plus having a baby right after christmas sales means we get to save bank on any last minute essentials.

I like having my summer girl and winter boy.

I'm starting to see some common themes with this pregnancy. First theme : second pregnancy aches more, second theme: we're really excited to meet this little guy.

Also BELLY. It seems like those three weeks between twenty-four and twenty seven really allowed for that baby to drop lower. I always wondered if having a boy would feel different than a girl. While I think it has more to do with the first vs second time around, this baby boy certainly likes to be front and center. But, to be honest, it looks very similar to last time around

I was a bit late with this last picture (27 instead of 26 weeks) since we had family visiting, and I feel it's right about this time when things start to get more sporadic. The combination of growing to bus-size and the holiday season and it being freezing to go outside to take these pictures on our deck...well, we'll see what we end up with. :)

All I know is this: I'm grateful. If there was ever a reason to be sore, it's getting to grow a kidlet.

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