Birthday Recap


Last week, as you all know, we got to celebrate Ben's birthday! We scheduled to have some dear friends of ours babysit E and got to go on a little date. We checked out a great new-to-us Falafel Place and walked through the streets of Helsinki a bit. I really, really enjoy getting to spend time with this man. Stuffing our face with delicious food, and chatting about all the nitty-gritty life-stuff (while listening to awesome music-FAFA's has pretty awesome tunes) that I coerce Ben to talk about (29 things to accomplish before 30?! Yes please) makes for a good time. It's been pretty incredible getting to walk through my days with him.

 Once we retrieved our girl, we headed home and celebrated with chocolate cheesecake. Go make this. It's easy and delicious.

This year Eowyn got to be a part of celebratory preparations. While having her help celebrate our main man definitely makes the process take longer and things be a bit messier, I gotta say, it's better. Knowing we both made the cheesecake and cut out the (pinterest printable) birthday banner together made celebrating Ben all the more sweet.

And just for the record, based on Ben's success at blowing out all the candles on the first try, Ben has like...uh...27 girlfriends. So either those finnish candles are intense or his lungs are wearing down already. ;)

With his second attempt, however, he got serious and managed to knock them all out. So, well done.

Plus that cheesecake is rich, so we've gotten to celebrate sliver-by-sliver through the rest of this past week. :) Happy week indeed.

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