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The month of November has held some fun memories. We got to have my parents here, I was able to be interviewed by a local company here in Helsinki (I'll post more about that later,) Eowyn has been picking up several words everyday, and we get to end the month with a sweet thanksgiving meal with our church friends. It'll be a full house (like 20 or so!) which is no other way to have a thanksgiving when far away from home. Filling our house makes me love the place all the more. 

This month brought a sort of peace with Finland that I haven't had in previous months. I think every month we get more and more into a groove and there's just been a sort of settling of my heart as we start the holiday season. We're no longer having to buy odds and ends to make our home complete. We have enough towels, have the cooking utensils we need (minus a turkey pan....still trying to find that for this week!) and are now preparing for the little guy to make his entrance in a few months. That's one of my favorite sites, actually. His little closet with all his diapers and folded clothes, makes my heart so calm. His life has redeemed so much of the struggles we've had over the past year. Getting to meet him will be such a sweet part of late winter/spring.  

Ben's doing well. He sort of rocks the whole living overseas thing. He's starting to look more and more European and it's been fun slowly seeing his style change. I think I'm doing the opposite. Ha! While he's getting more and more stylin', his wife is hugging her leggings and comfy clothes tighter. But I suspect once my belly isn't exposed in every normal shirt, we'll get back to enjoying the whole getting dressed arena. Lucky for me, Eowyn is the belly-exposure-police and will ensure that no epidermis shows at any given time. Thanks, kid.

My belly is getting big, and my legs aren't taking me quite as far as I'd like them to. We're having to re-calibrate expectations and relearn what we can and can't do this season. One thing that's nice about having a toddler is that we still get out and about daily. We both get a little cabin fever and while the weather here is often grey and rainy (oh, how I miss you sun!) we're learning the joy of puddle jumping even when we have winter coats on. So, the next few weeks may be slow and steady, but I'm no longer fighting it. We're just counting down till thanksgiving, going on a fun Christmas trip for Ben's work, and hanging out with Ben's side of our family.

Then, it's just a matter of weeks before my mom and sister come and a little mr. makes his debut. I gotta say, having a baby early in the year has it's perks. Third Trimester does go a wee bit faster when there's so much to look forward to.

November, you've been peaceful. Thanks for that.

Also, thanks for giving us so much time at home that my girl is really learning how to be involved in her art projects.  Getting the paint out of that girls belly button was hard work. :)

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  1. little artist is beyond cute!
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    a possible fantasy