First Snow :: Helsinki


The first time I was introduced to snow, I was seven and my sister and I, out of pure joy (and coming from Texas) tied plastic bags on our feet and hiked up a giant snow mound before church. Compare that to a girl who has had snow as a part of her life ever since before she could walk, and it's interesting to see how different her winter experiences are to mine. Minnesota, Colorado, Finland, each stage of her life has included the sweetness that a snowfall brings.

Eowyn in true eowyn-fashion spent the majority of her time outside today consuming the white fluffy goodness. She also got a kick out of snowball throwing. As she should. We stomped around for a while until I noticed her nose running and my fingers burning, and hiked back in (after many tears). My guess is we'll be making another trip out as soon as her daddy comes home.

If ever there was something to make me realize how quickly this girl is growing, it's looking at each season's 'first snow.' Here's her very first intro to snow back in 2012, then there was last year's snow, and now this year. One things for sure, she's moving a whole lot quicker nowadays.

Happy first real snow for Helsinki! Heres to hoping it sticks so that good ol' 3:30 sunset can leave the streets not so dark.

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