Family Time : Parents Come to Helsinki!


My parents came and filled our home these past several days. They stayed this past week and it was one of the better weeks I've had in all our days of living here. There's just something about getting to show the 'rents around the place you live. Also, the familiarity of the conversations and the soul-speak that comes when talking with family is life giving.

Not only that, but they brought a suitcase full of things like vanilla, chocolate chips, ranch dressing, chai, sweet baby things, Tums (hallelujah) and treasures for the lot of us. I bought some essential oils from the states and my mom brought them here for us. So, now we're in da club. I got my diffuser blowin' all up in this place. In short, christmas came with them.

The weather wasn't particularly remarkable during their visit. More than one day proved dreary and grey, but they were quite the troopers even in the rain and cold. Above are snapshots of their visit, some of which my momma took. While many of you have seen these already via other social media, getting to see them all together is what makes my heart swell. 

We took them to our favorite food joints, got to introduce them at church, and traveled to Estonia together (more on that in an upcoming post.) Eowyn was THRILLED all week, and clung to her Papa like he was the air she breathed. Nana supplied the fairy wings and glitter microphone (and snuck her chocolate.) We had more than one night of showing them clever youtube videos (Rhett and Link, anybody?) and talking through personalities, future plans and funny culture shock stories. It was all that spending time with family should be. 

The 'see you soon' that came this morning at 5 am left us taking it easy today and consoling ourselves with stuffed unicorns (eowyn), snickers ice cream bars, and going through and editing pictures reliving our time again.  

My mom forgot a glove, and in that sweet reminding way, it makes me happy. I'm planning on organizing the little mr.'s clothes this week to make the sweet times last a bit longer; that plus sipping on the chai they brought, and I think I can make the sweet times last till my mom and sister return in February. 

In the meantime, happy weekend.

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