Birthday Shenanigans :: Eowyn Turns Three


Our sweet baby girl is officially three years old! We kicked off the birthday weekend with getting her a big girl bed. We're slowly transitioning into it, and in the near future her brother will inherit her crib. Some nights she loves sleeping in the big girl bed, other nights the crib beckons again. We don't mind one bit. Take you're time, sweetheart.

On Sunday we ventured out to the zoo with some dear friends. Sadly, the zoo wasn't too kind to us and after not even an hour we were totally rained out. So we ventured back home and then enjoyed solid birthday fun. Ice cream cake, sausages, and spending sweet time with friends was the perfect way to spend our Sunday afternoon. Eowyn was full of "happy birthdays!" for the rest of the night.

On Eowyn's big day, we woke her up to streamers and chocolate chip pancakes (a running tradition, three years strong!) and later her daddy surprised us by coming home early. We ate lunch, opened presents, and relaxed together. We got lots of happy birthdays from family via skype and google hangouts, and the verdict seems to be that this is the best birthday yet.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl. So grateful to have gotten to spend the past several hundred days with you. The best 1095 of my life.

and for her annual interview, (it's about as random as she is):

We got a pretty awesome dino, jesus loving robot on our hands. Let us know if you need any background music for your upcoming party. I know a girl who can sing for hours and looks pretty great doing it. :)

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