Party in the U.S.A :: First time back to the States!



That trip sure was something.

We're still processing the 17 days we spent stateside over here at the Sprague abode. The suitcases are just now being emptied, the fridge still needs to be restocked fully, and while that'll all get done in the next 48 or so hours, It's been necessary to slowly move back into the rhythm of our days.

Jetlag definitely got the better of us this time around. Three of us had a nasty cold (and it sounds like we infected a few along our path, so sorry.) and all of us are feeling like we can.never.get.enough.sleep. Going East to West, they say is much harder than west to east. I think we're in agreement.

We got to see some of our most favorite friends when we arrived in Minnesota (That whole stint of the trip I didn't take nearly any pictures, yet it was so good just to sit and visit and not be all to worried about being camera ready) , visited with Family in Wisconsin, visited with coworker friends, and my parents in Nevada, then with Ben's family in Phoenix.

Two weeks and 8 planes later we have international travel with two down pretty pat, but we're reluctant to go at it again. People, that was HARD.

and yet, looking back on these pictures, it's pretty safe to say that, while a whole different level of exhausting, it was worth it.

My dad got to meet his youngest grandson, Ben's parents got to meet him too (as well as both great grandmas!) we sat and visited with some of our dearest friends from where we first started out as a couple together, we got three (THREE!) dates together thanks to the grandparents-the first we've had since Elias was born-we were able to stock up on all the things we love from America, swam in the pool, felt what 100 degrees Fahrenheit feels like (Uf!) and got to enjoy the bliss that is air conditioning, drive-thrus, and familiar stomping grounds. Eowyn got to get all muddy in Nana's garden, TAKE BATHS, eat familiar foods, and enjoy being loved on by so so many people. We got to stroll the isles of target, nosh on chipotle and celebrate our five year (!!!) anniversary over delicious mexican food (I hadn't had a chimichanga in over a year, bless.) and we soaked up getting to visit our old church, see sweet friends, and truly savor our time in the states. It was a mix of soul rest, of being known by people and getting to rest in the familiar, and working through a touch of reverse culture shock and sadness at continuing to catch myself tell people "See you soon" without realizing how much time will be in between the next time we see others.

And so, to not leave out any detail, while the trip was so worth it, it most certainly cost us...I got to experience some extreme motion sickness after arriving to MN (many a "dear Jesus" was prayed,) we almost missed two flights due to travel agent error not including Infant  In Arms and t.i.g.h.t layovers, jetlag (oh how I loathe you,) naptimes destroyed, sleep missed, luggage not making it to its final destination on time, and three of us with nasty colds (resulting in the worst ear pressure I've ever felt. One ear is still plugged, so if you have a way to fix it, HIT ME UP) Eowyn spent the whole duration of the Nevada part of the trip being coaxed into eating (pretty sure one day all she ate was a cinnamon roll) and sleeping and us trying to get her fever down. All that to say it was a TRIP.

So, America, you sure know how to serve up a plate of incredible moments, and some exhausting ones. Yet our conclusion remains steadfast,

It sure was lovely seeing you.

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