Happy 26!


In honor of my beautiful bride, Brittany, and her love of lists, here are 26 reasons why being married to her is awesome! Happy birthday!

1.       Let’s get this one out of the way first… SMOKING. HOT. BOD. Pregnancy has been kind to you.

2.       You have the best smile ever, quick to show itself.

3.       You have this one laugh that is uncontrollable.

4.       You always research to find the best answers to the problems that we face.

5.       You are the strongest woman I know. 2 labors, no meds. That’s pretty amazing.

6.       You love me even in my own flaws and inconsistencies.

7.       You have changed me for the better. This is what marriage is all about. Changing and challenging each other to look more and more like Christ.

8.       Your encouragement is unparalleled. You’re my biggest fan, and I desperately need that.

9.       You cook some mean soup and some amazing homemade pizza.

10.   You’re the best mom to our kids that I could have ever hoped for, with patience even through all the sleep deprivation.

11.   You make room in the margins for both us time and alone time.

12.   You are on this crazy adventure in Europe, and I can’t imagine a better person to share it with.

13.   You exhibit immense amounts of grace. It humbles me in the best ways.

14.   You don’t cut your hair. I love it long and wild!

15.   Your skillz with a camera are pretty amazing.

16.   You are never content with just being “good enough” and you always try to find ways to improve in anything you hope to do.

17.   You are such a devoted and loyal friend, and try to stay connected as much as possible.

18.   You have a huge heart for giving to those in need.

19.   You have a beautiful voice. I love listening to you sing to Eowyn and Elias.

20.   You are the perfect travel companion, always helping to plan a trip and navigate a new place.

21.   You enjoy Star Wars. Maybe not quite as much as me, but at least you put up cool Star Wars posters and legitimately think they are cool too.

22.   You slay orcs with me. The Lord of the Rings card game is not for the faint of heart, and you approach it with excitement.

23.   You make really interesting crafts to decorate our apartment. Our home really does feel like a home.

24.   You have a passion for Christ and becoming Biblically literate, which drives me to become so as well.

25.   You have a silliness that makes me laugh daily.

26.   You just are. You just are an amazing woman. And your presence fills me with joy!

I love you so much! The list is just a small start to how amazing you are. Happy birthday!

Your groom,

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