Family Photos :: Susanna Nordvall Photography


A handful of weeks ago, we had some photos taken of our family. It was important to me to have photos of our family while we were here in Helsinki and so I searched for photographers that I felt would capture this season (and are family) well. I was absolutely delighted to find Susanna. Her photography is captivating and she was such a delight to work with. She's patient and joyful, two things that are pretty essential when working with a brood of four on an early Sunday morning. You wouldn't know it, but both Sprague babies were not in the most cooperative of moods (they never are on picture day, are they?)  We still had such good fun, and the pictures are a treasure to me. 

Being behind the camera most of the time, I absolutely love it when both Ben and I get to be in the photos at the same time (!!!) Our expectations were overwhelmingly fulfilled through this shoot. Susanna, you captured who we are in this season oh so well.

Thank you so much to Susanna from Susanna Nordvall Photography. We can't sing your praises enough. 

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