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A dear friend of ours had a surprise party this past weekend. This meant we got to hang out at one of our favorite parks in the Helsinki Area with our absolute favorite people. While this park is actually about 40 minutes drive (or an hour, 15 minutes by bus) it is just so breathtakingly beautiful. No matter how you get there, it's worth it.

We've been having incredible weather. Every day this past week has been in the high fifties and low sixties Fahrenheit. This weekend it was breathtakingly beautiful. I brought Eowyn's swimsuit, on the off-chance that all the other kids got in the  cold water. Since we recently got rid of our car, we got to take the bus out there.

Eowyn spotted the water (and we arrived before everyone else did-if there's any benefit to bus transportation, its having to be a whole lot better at timetables,) and off she went. She was practically diving in before we even knew what she was doing. We switched quickly into her swimsuit and she was in. Less than 10 minutes and she had submerged herself in some really chilly water.  Elias was a bit more cautious, but they both had many of squeals.

Add the fact that when her friends came, they all joined it, then we all picnicked and attempted to slack-line and I'd say this was quite the adventure for the weekend.

Before we headed out to the park, my kind husband took the kids out at 7:30 AM and roamed the mostly empty streets of Helsinki, to then bring me starbucks and breakfast. That man. Winning this lady's heart one saturday morning at a time (and all the time in between.)

What an incredible Saturday and wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

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