Ten on Ten :: May 2016


Today marks TWO years since we moved to this lovely country. We're all about celebrating everything, and today turned out to be quite the lovely day to celebrate.

We started the day as we usually do, breakfast, shows, preschool/nap time for Elias, then we headed out to get my watch fixed after I had been putting it off since February. (What is it about grown-up errands that seem particularly daunting?)  It turned out to take all of 20 minutes. 15 euro later, I had a watch I could adjust again. During those 15 minutes of wait, we headed over to one of my favorite cafes which was conveniently across the street.

We ended the night with bath time (which, as of last week, happens on our patio. Long live Summer.) Since the kids both no longer fit in the ikea bathtub, we've upgraded to kiddie pool. After dad got home and we all ate, we ran around and played outside in the garden downstairs. I clearly got the sequencing of bathtime + play in dirt turned around. The good news is that bath time comes 'round again tomorrow. The especially good news is that there were a TON of kids outside, and I knew a handful of the moms and they talk to me in English, which makes me feel like 'hey, people know us! we belong!'

Tonight we celebrated our two years with taco delivery (Foodora here is ah-may-zing) and mini cheesecakes. Movie night after the kids went to bed, and in true-celebratory fashion- washing laundry down in the washing room.

We've made it a whole 730 days! And we've felt everyone! There's been a whole lot of hard, and a whole lot of mess. There's been a whole lot of happy, and milestones crossed, and solid conversations had, and especially lots and lots of laughter in this house...

A lot of joy these two years have held. A whole lot of joy.

This 'ten on ten' was an original idea of Rebekah Gough. She's got a beautiful heart and beautiful jewelry. Check her blog out!


  1. beautiful photos, lots of happy & colour.

  2. Congratulations on two years, wow! What an adventure. I loved the colors in this set!

  3. What a fun adventure to move to new country! It certainly looks like a joy-filled day :-)

  4. What fun pops of color. Congrats on your two years and counting!