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The past few summers have had their share of trouble. When we first moved to Helsinki, I was blessed with getting pregnant with Elias. Fortunate for us. Not so fortunate was the intense sickness that dominated the summer months. The following summer, the boy I was pregnant with prior, was now a sweet little infant-who humbled me and who banshee screamed at the slightest of breeze. Needless to say, we've spent two solid summers doing minimal adventures. 

So, to have this summer feeling well and able, and to have a little boy who is just as crazy about adventure as the rest of us-well, it has all the potential to be a summer to remember.

Back in the spring, when the promise of green was sprouting, I created a Helsinki Summer Bucket List. Visiting this Rhododendron park, Alppiruusupuisto in early June, was at the top of that list. 

We were able to go right before we left for the states. It didn't disappoint. It was an absolutely beautiful forest. The kid's loved walking along the boardwalks. And not only did we get to see it, we also crossed off yet another bucket list, riding the commuter train to get out there.

Absolutely the perfect way to welcome June. Now if I could just say Alppiruusupuisto three times fast. ;)

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