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Every year, the company Ben works for hosts an annual meeting. Some years it's in very ordinary places like Phoenix or Texas. This year-due to the size of the company growing, they've had to move to places that can hold a few thousand people. This translated to us getting to go to the Hard Rock Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. I  know. Crazy.

What a special experience it was. The Hard Rock Riviera Maya hotel staff are overwhelmingly kind and were wildly affectionate to our kids-which made the experience really special. Plus, I got to practice those spanish skills that were collecting all sorts of dust from moving to Scandinavia.

The humidity was intense, as was the beauty. We weren't expecting to get to see all the wild life we saw. Yet, we were surprised by the lack of mosquitoes-much to our delight. There were loads of iguanas, capybara and a wild monkey! Plus the blooms every where we looked made for a beautiful stay.

Seriously. Breathtaking.

We're grateful to Ben's parents who were kind enough to come with us in order to help watch the kids for the times when we had 'adult only' events. They had a fancy dinner one of the nights, and while it's not wildly visible in the photos above, the dress I got to wearing is actually my very first take on sewing my own clothing. Go big or go home right? Lucky for me the pattern was clearly laid out and the fabric forgiving!

I think my favorite part of the trip was the time we spent at the beach. The water was so clear and the kids had such a wonderful time. Also, the hammock included in each hotel room was a pretty nice spot too. The kids and I got full use of that.

While the jetlag back has been BRUTAL (why has it been so terribly hard this time around?!) We are deeply grateful for these experiences. At the moment of writing this its 1:30 local time with both kids quite literally scream-laughing and tackling each other while their dad tries to get some sleep before going to work in the morning. Just a little bit of real life for you. There's beauty to every season of life-and there's mildly miserable bits as well. Ha! At least I have pretty pictures to look at.

What a gift to get to see a (very small) slice of Mexico together.

Until the next adventure. Cheers!

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