One and a Half! :: Elias Grows


  1. He's so cute! Seeing pictures of him makes me think it'll be okay if I have a son ;)

    I may take your collage idea if that's okay?! :)

    1. Having this boy is pretty cool. :)

      Most Definitely with the collage! I actually use a program called blogstomp that makes it seamless. You have to purchase it. So I saved up my pennies, but it's made blogging and showcasing photos take much less time. They had a black friday deal last year that made it half off. Here's a link Otherwise, Lightroom has options as does photoshop. I often use to find freebies and once in a while they have collage displays that are really handy to have. But a lot of my fun fonts are from creative market!

      Wish I could live in the same place as you and talk 'shop' :) Love following your adventures with your family. You're an absolutely beautiful photographer!
      Cheers! Happy Friday!

  2. Thanks, Brittany! It would be so fun to talk shop, though most of it would be teaching me haha! :) I will look at those programs. New things always make me nervous. Good nervous I suppose.
    And thank you. Coming from you that means a lot!