Awesome Road Trip Moment #3


When we finally reached the awesome state of


Ben took me to a shop that I have been longing to go to since my freshman year of college (talk about making dreams happen)

Awesome roadtrip moment #3: Red Velvet
It was so amazing getting to go to the Red Velvet Shop, meet Emma (and Elsie wandered in while we were leaving, I bought a few precious things and was so so so happy over the cupcakes, the bow tie ben bought for a sweet photoshoot we have planned and the joy of crossing yet another hope off my list.

P.S I have so many things to show you. Like sweet images of the shoppe, going to a sweet burger joints and craziness like this:
Yes, that is king kong. we saw the titanic and a giant Mexican man too. Pretty magical.

Brendan's getting married TODAY! Craziness

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