Awesome Things about this week:

1. Filed our taxes, and are making bank. (getting married=very good decision) God is good.
2. Get to see my sister today and watch the packers win, W00t (even if they dont, it will be recorded in history that I predicted they will)
3. The beautiful frost that happened yesterday. Every tree was completely iced over. It was beautiful.

4. Jeremy and Renee's Wedding! And those butterfly moments I get when Ben looks a)incredibly good in a new shirt. b) dances like no ones business and c) I come to the realization that I get to be with that handsome man for life.

5. The new found fact that i have the uncanny to speak very fluent-sounding gibberish in my sleep (sorry Ben for the wake-up at 2 AM.)
6. Having a very loud, very excited woman comment on how GORGEOUS my bag was in the check-out line: " The style, The color! the flower! IT's GORGEOUS! and the awkwardness that followed. All I could say out of shock was " It's a camera bag"
 It really was sweet.
7. Dr. Pepper
8. Sunday mornings, and encounters with Jesus
9. New pants for 7.00, especially when I had spent the past 3 weeks trying to find a pair, and then found a perfect pair, in 3 different colors, and for 7 DOLLARS!
10. Husbands that set the bar high by demonstrating sacrificial love=my husband.

Hope you all have an incredible week, and as you're looking back on this one, you're filled with joy!

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