little confessions


The irony of what I'm about to share....

Two things.

First, I decided to wear my bracelet for my 21 day challenge again today, and I stand with droopy shoulders to say at day 2, I realize I really like to complain. Ben is a amazing sympathizer. He even says things like " I can see why that would bother you..." even when I'm talking about random things like feeling bloated (TMI, sorry-but seriously the man is like my personal therapist.) So its definitely a struggle when he asks "How was your day?" and when I say "great!" he then proceeds to ask me the details....that's when I start to squirm. By the end, I'm trying to sugarcoat my complaining with sweet things about how I'm 'learning something from it' ( I like to complain) and 'growing.'
Needless to say, my first day of the twenty-one day challenge ( that I started yesterday,) is going to have to start again tomorrow.

Second. I haven't even told you about this yet, but I decided to not shop for clothes until the very sweet day that I wear all the clothes in my closet (many of you women are shaking your head, already knowing the task that it is.) Day 2 of deciding to do this, and I found 3 ADORABLE clothing blogs from ridiculously witty ladies one of which is here/here.
So obviously after looking at all of these clothing articles, what does a girl like to do? yeah...the thing I committed to wait to do until....a million years from now (I'm being dramatic, but it might actually time that long, Literally.)
You know its bad when I decide I need to be more 'giving' and go through my closet to give stuff to goodwill. Reality? I'm trying to collect more stuff just so i can get closer to that goodwill to go peek inside.

Oh, consumerism....
But alas, I am determined. I'm even taking pictures of my outfits to chronicle my success that I might show you weekly (if I actually chronicle it well.) So, to no-complaining and no shopping...You will not win, even if i am puppy-dogging pages on the internet for my 'birthday.'

P.S. This definitely is another switch the bracelet over moment. 
P.S.S. I'm pretty sure I sound the same way I sounded as a thirteen year old girl to my mother.

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  1. I have thought about trying to wear everything in my closet before I can buy something, but all I did was think about it. Haven't tried it. I feel like it would be so stinkin' hard. How is it working for you?