When you and I became 'we'


Its crazy to think just under two years ago, You and I started to seriously talk about being in a relationship. Its even crazier to think that even two years before that you had asked me to be your girlfriend, and I told you I never would. Haha! I'm so happy I was wrong.

You have prayed over me when I'm struggling with believing in Christ, in my purpose or in having joy. You dance with me in the kitchen while food is cooking and watch silly drama t.v. shows with me to dissect relationships. We talk regularily about how 'we're doing' in our marriage and when I make suggestions, I see you trying to make those suggestions a reality.

You're willing to love on me, and to grow and to support and to be far more of a spiritual leader, and a Godly husband than I ever thought I could even hope for (especially this early on.) I feel so incredibly blessed to have someone who is so wise, so loving and so ridiculously good looking!) I'm really, incredibly proud of you.

Despite snow warnings, cold weather, and tired days, being here with you is by far the best decision I have made second to accepting Jesus. Thanks for waiting, and for choosing me and for rocking this whole marriage thing.

P.S. Smart thinking, having us take pictures on our first outing together-it would mark the start of very magical things indeed.

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