C.S Lewis is my latest man crush


A number of years ago I had a dear friend of mine that read quite a lot of books, and rather big ones at that. Quite the brainy sort, and is proving to be even brainier than anyone could imagine. Shout out!

Never the less, during one of our days frolicking through the town we grew up in,  I found out that my dear friend owned the complete works of C.S. Lewis. I borrowed it. (Yes, my friend is rather nice.) and took it home to then..sit on my shelf for over two years. Last night I opened that sweet book and fell in love with Mr. Clive's writing style, his honesty and downright brilliance.

So I'm charting the waters of good ol Lewis and hope to finish his book in just a month or two. If you've never read, or have been meaning to read something that will strengthen, challenge and explain so much about the Gospel that we believe in, grief, pain, or even humanity, I'd recommend Lewis. He's flippin Brilliant
and his wife too.

Hope you read him, at least once.

P.s. Dear friend, I will return this book to you. I promise.

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