Oh so Thankful! Sunday


Not gonna lie, this week was a rough one. But still a very very good one.

Awesome things I'm thankful for:

* Having an awesome husband who says ridiculously funny things. And tells people that he "belongs to that one" while pointing at me.
*Aldi stores, you give us two weeks worth of food costing 44$ per week. Breakfast, lunch and dinner baby.
* Dr. Pepper....nuff said
* LDI program, and that awesome feeling that my life is going to get significantly more awesome.

* Our friends. I forget how refreshing it is just to sit across from sweet friends. It was such a perfect end to a busy week (Thanks Nardine!)

* Jesus being more than enough, and promising he'll come again. I'm cool with you coming sooner rather than later...just sayin.

* A husband who when we see a thrift store, starts to pull over (haha-I love my husband)

* Halo. In that its the one video games i'm actually pretty good at, so I can play with Ben.

*This picture:

* The experience of getting to watch 21 children at the science museum. woot.

* Pizza.

Happy week to you all!

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