'Identity' Post: Just taking it easy


Woohoo! Its actually 2011. Its insane how fast life seems to go by, but its such an incredible adventure. I've had like 60 gazillion ideas of how I would start this new year.

Most of all of us work hard to begin improving who we are, what we do, or become more of what we hoped we'd be. I think for this fancy new month, my goal is to very simply start exploring what God would have for me, rather than begin improving in areas that I think aren't good enough.

How do I plan on doing that?
First, I'm allowing my self a month of rest. (funny right? the month of 'lets get things done!' is the month i'm taking a step back to reflect.) There's a few impressive books written by Christian authors that go through biblical studies to explore what God has for men and women and I look forward to picking out one or two in the upcoming days. But most importantly I'm going to simply celebrate what God has been giving and what God has done in my life as I explore what he has for this year.

The 'reward' is obviously the products of this month of searching Christ, but..I threw in a nice pedicure just for the fun of it. (I'm already looking forward to it!) maybe Ben will join me? ( Guys get pedi's too!)

I hope you're year has already been full of laughter and joy.

I plan on putting a few reflecting posts on just what God has been doing in my life, as well as reflecting on what the future has for Ben and I, our careers, and  even this blog.

Happy New Year!
What are your new years resolutions?

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