Thankful Sunday


I am the queen of lists. Most of my notebooks through college were filled with lists of things to do, to be, my favorite things, you name it-I've listed it. Taking the awesome skill I've developed, I thought it would be a fun use of time to list 10 things I'm thankful for. So for the very first one. Here it goes

I'm thankful for...

  •  the husband I married and how he brings me flowers whenever he gets the car to himself. Even in dead winter.
  •  Nacho Libre, and the ridiculous amount of pee-my-pants moments I've had with Ben's incredible impersonation skills. NAACCHoooooooooOOOOooo
  •   Muffins. They are delicious.
  • Comic books. I've become apart of a niche group of people that are pretty cool. Albeit pretty nerdy, but cool.
  •  3 years of an IT job. You have saved my computer a number of times and for this I thank you.
  • Taylor Swift. She's my much needed country-pop fix. and she has pretty hairs.
  • a heated garage.
  • Saturday mornings-sleeping in makes me a very. happy.panda

  • A compliment I received the other day. Most of you don't realize this, but Brittany is incredibly crafty. She sews. Every outfit Brittany wears-she's probably made half of it."

  • Dreams. They keep me going. and make me very. very. excited.

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