Best. Weekend. Ever


This weekend we

* Went to the farmers market, and bought the mother load of fruits (although there is no fruit in these pictures-we took home peaches, grapes, plums, and strawberries!) 10 dollars my friends.

* went on a several walks (my excitement with walks is displayed proportionately with the size of my neck when this picture was taken: aka. ALOT)

* made cookies
*ate good food
*Went to the Renaissance Festival 

*Rode an Elephant! ( I tear up every time I say it. this makes me so happy)
*Went to comic book stores
* Hung out a the Guthrie

* Went down an escalator backwards. (Which may have gotten us in trouble with a guy telling us that there were "escalators going down for a reason" was still worth it. Way to act like we're 14 again.)
*Went Thrifting on 1/2 off Day
*Ate Chinese
*Found things that made us think of Ireland

*Watched 2 good movies
*Went to a crazy church that is totally this:

*Slept in every day

*And we even ate salad a few times. And ate ice cream multiple times

Good times. Indeed.

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