What I'm learning


This question I keep asking myself :

Which person finds the gospel harder to embrace? The man who has lived his whole life trying to please God, to have it revealed it  has all been vain-in fact, has been religious self worship (bringing glory to himself masked with bringing glory to God), or the man who has lived his whole life disregarding God knowingly and has to embrace the idea that God loved him through it all?
 The first is convinced of God's love-but discovers (much to his despair and yet great hope) that God loves him not for what he had done, for he is a wretch.  While the other has to become convinced over and over again that him, being a wretch God loves.

 And what about when that man (or in this case, that Brittany) is both? I've lived enough of my life in opposition to God to be completely convinced I am a ruined soul (its an easy case to prove), but enough of my life thinking I did just alright to try and justify my own earning of salvation(in which I am also ruined). Just to realize in both situations-or rather in all- I have failed miserably, and all were acts of me spitting in God's face. In all I said " I dont need your saving"  'because its not of interest to me.' or 'I can do it myself.'

I am the diseased, and God is the only remedy-both to my self worship and to my self disdain.

And that news is the sweetest news I've ever heard. I've found the answer and it has nothing to do with my performance or lack there of, and it has everything to do His love and his faithfulness and me daily turning to that. I get to rid myself of myself and embrace the beauty of the cross and Jesus.

Thats what I've been thinking about lately.

Over and Out

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