Weekend Recap-o


 This weekend was one of the first cold weekends we've had. I got to bring out all my hats and enjoy a few chai's. And got to find some more awesome hats at the local thrift store for 2 buckaroos. Hallelujah.  Ben was sick and so we stayed kind of low on Friday evening.. The cold was a nice change except I had forgotten what its like to run in it. Lungs burning, cheeks a blaze. Not fun. At least I caught this pretty stork/herring on my run and by caught i mean took a picture.just for you literal folks.  He's often there by the lake  we live by. His name is harry.  and Ben always points him out when we go on walks.
We were adventurous and made calzones this weekend which turned out awesome. And we also went to the mall and I got a few pretty t-s and Ben grabbed a good book. AND we accidentally discovered that Big Bang Theory was out. So we grabbed it bought it and laughed and cried and felt all good that we had found such delightful treasures.

It was a good weekend. On sunday was my first 'big event' for church. I'm so impressed with Ben. He kept reassuring me when things went 'wrong', or when unexpected things happened. It was such a blessing to have him by my side.
Overall everyhting was a great success and Ben is feeling fairly better. Good weekend indeed.

Hope your weekend was restful. I'm looking forward to this week! On Friday I get to spend time with my mom and sister for our 2nd annual girl's weekend.


Hope your weekend's were restful!

Over & Out.

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