What I Wore, Baxter, and Reasons why Ben continues to steal my heart.


 Hey friends, 
This week has been so far pretty good. From starting it by watching Ben ROCK at playing bass (I didn't even realize he was THAT good! Tell you what, God sure does make himself a fine creation) on Sunday, to the sheer amount of laughter I've experienced these past 5 days, its been a good week. I wore this outfit yesterday and at about 10:00 at night I told Ben he had to take pictures of it since i wasn't sure if i would be feeling like dressing up tomorrow (which was a good guess- sweatshirt all day long, w00t) We've never taken pictures indoors, so it was a little fun with a flash, figuring out ISO and other goodness, 

From this: With Ben's studly shadow-Yes, he is a very tall man.
To the blinding flash:


To the suedo weird glow of all our lights on.We haven't perfected it...but at least we're making progress. One thing I can say-natural light is ALWAYS Better

In even more important news let me introduce: 

We waited for a pretty long while before we went ahead and got a  new fish (We'll always love us some bruce). but we decided it was time. So, Baxter, meet blog, blog, meet baxter-We love him. He is our new baby. We will cherish him forever. P.S. If you didn't guess, Baxter is named after comic books (as was bruce) if you can guess HOW i'll probably give you something awesome. Like an eyelash, or my famous apple pie.

And to celebrate, Ben-being the incredible man that he is, decided late last night that the only proper way to finish the night was to go to sonic and order delicious creamsicle floats and oreo blizzards.

Which resulted in much rejoicing and praising the Good Lord for a) being so Great, B) Creating my husband and c) creating the fanta creamsicle. We serve a good God, my friends.

And so the story ends.

We also may or may not have created a fairly hazardous situation when  the crazy gas pump didn't turn off and gasoline came gushing out of our car-but that's a different story, and with so much celebration-doesn't need to be too elaborated upon.

Hope your tuesday was lovely, and that you have at least 5 things to praise the Lord for (my guess is there's a million, but you should at least think of 5. Like right now. Do it.)
Over  & Out.

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