Hi Baby! 21 weeks



Every week when I take these pictures I get surprised at how big I look. It makes sense, being over half way through, but it still gets me every time. The overall consensus was right! I was impressed with all of your abilities to accurately predict that our little girl was in fact a girl (as much as 'fact' as it can be.) We're excited to bring a little girl into the mix of three nephews on my side, and to bring a sweet baby girl into Ben's side too! It really has been neat to begin to think about how beautiful a future baby is. Especially in light of the life and relationship what we have with Christ-it gets me excited to have her experience just how good God really is and to watch her develop her own faith. This morning, when I went to a Good Friday Service, we had the preacher and the congregation from the Baptist church down the street (that's a predominately black church) come worship with us. It was AWESOME to get to feel our little girl kickin with the music and with the sermon. Let me tell you what, they know how to worship our Jesus.  Baby and I listened to good ol Gospel all the way home.  So thankful for my brothers and sisters in Christ and pumped for heaven when having all the churches in the neighborhood gather will be an everyday reality. 


Happy Good Friday! Praise Jesus that from His death we have life. 
Have a blessed Easter both in remembrance and celebration for whats now able to come! 

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