Hi Baby! 23 weeks!


I take quite a few pictures when taking these. Sometimes people see me and I feel a little weird. Nothing like a pregnant woman doing moves in front of a tripod. I'm getting used to it and I think they are too. Most of the pictures turn out something like this:

 I get excited to think of the day our baby girl sees these. Hopefully they will all make  sense to her. "Yes, that's my mom and her crazy faces-it makes sense where I get them."

I get especially excited at the kind of joy I hope we can teach her to take in the fact she's a Sprague. We're an expressive, honest bunch of people. A group that knows how to celebrate and that lives to love the Lord. Generosity is a big deal to us. While I'm sure we don't always exhibit this stuff, I want her to realize that she comes from a clan that really has a history of this and that she really does belong. Most importantly-Christ is where our family's anchored. I hope she grows to make that a reality of her own life and her family as well.  

I hope she gets identity from the culture of our family, but also in the unique gifting she has due to her identity in Jesus. If she's anything like Ben, she'll be a thinker, and yet have a great way of relating, if she's like me-She'll be all about relational things.  It'll be neat to see if she's something completely different or some hybrid of the two. Soon enough we'll find out! 

However God is forming you, we're excited to celebrate you. 

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