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I recently got instagram for android. I was pretty pumped. It's been fun playing around and I'm excited to do all the projects I've seen for instagram photo's once I've built up a collection.

 Lately, unfortunately, Ben and I have been sick. Normally he gets it, and I get to miss the bullet, but this time I got to take one for the team. It's caused a lot of sleepless nights-which has the plus of getting to feel our baby girl kick at 2 AM and 4 AM and 4:30 AM-but causes me to be a little bit on the tired side, and causes my mouth to say things before my brain computes. I probably pull that once a day anyways (we're working on it.) But being sick causes even my reasoning-even when I do try to process things-to not be too sound. Thank you gracious friends who know my heart!

Because of the whole sickness ordeal, I've tried to hang back a little bit from people. Good ol' crisis prevention. Ben is nice. He laughs when I'm being sassy, and lets me pretend quit every commitment   I've ever made (other than my relationship with Jesus and Him, obviously.) And the classic "are we gonna make it?" line that has pretty become a part of every hard day is always met with "yeah babe, we'll make it." 

I love that man.

P.S. In awesome news, when we went to the Dr. for our baby check up they gave us a frame that records the heartbeat of our baby girl!!!They recorded it with the little doppler gadget, and now I have it to play over and over again.  I played that little pitter patter all the way home. It's probably sweetest sound I've ever heard.

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