It's the Little Things


Twins Games. Fo' Free!

Getting Laundry Totally Completed and having my husband rejoice over having a full sock drawer. That man knows when he sees sacrifice. 

Having Cinnamon Rolls that leave our house smelling like Candy Land (Or how I imagine it would smell like. Magic. Thats what it smells like. Pure Magical Nectar.)

Having hard conversations and then realizing how those once hour and a half conversations have gone down to 15 minute ones and leave us affirming each other. Pastor Steve once talked about conflict, and how if its successful, your relationship should be better for it. I like that I can see that with us.  We're better for it. That husband of mine knows how to pastor his family. I hope our baby girl sees how well her dad treats her mom.   

Ben Hugs. Best Thing on this side of the universe (my guess-on the other side too.)

Baxter. Our Beta Fish. Just chillin'.

Going to the book store and finding a book that was definitely a divine appointment (mm! Praise you Jesus.) Which leaves me thankful. That one copy hidden in the shelves-which happen to address so many of the struggles I've been going through lately- and I just happen to find it. That God sure knows how to love on his girls. 

Seeing opportunities come into my lap that allow me to do things I'm passionate about. Seeing the tangible-ness of what God says he'll do. 

Ice cream.

Baby Kicks. 

Ben already setting the ground works for modesty. Protector Dad coming through.  Lucky Girl. 

Ben's stories. He's the best storyteller ever. 


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