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We've had this trip planned on the calendar since early February. Little did we know we would be  traveling here just after finding out about our finland move. This made the trip a little more sweeter, and a little more tender. My sister would be having her baby literally any minute, so we waited all weekend thinking we might get to hike out to meet my little nephew this past weekend, but baby didn't come quite yet (he came on Monday!), so we took time to just enjoy each other.

It's no secret we enjoy our families. I think every time we visit with either side of our extended family we feel it. We're thankful for the rest that comes with getting to be around my dad's humor (that if you watch close enough, you can see it coming) and my mom's silliness. The meaningful conversations we get from both of them leave us refreshed and often time changed. They're natural encouragers, and I love that.  Eowyn loves her nana and papa (and has been saying both their names daily since we left.)

While we were there, we made sure to celebrate my Mom's big 5-0. We picked on her when lighting all 50 candles joking that we were going to set the alarm off. I'd say she looks pretty good. I can attest that there is more life and joy in her now than ever. God is surely doing a good work.

Happy Birthday, Mom. Thank you for living a life that is brighter than all those candles on that cake. For encouraging the adventure in your daughters, and for equipping us with your words to face another day of work and encouraging us to find the joy. Thanks for laughing at our jokes, taking our teases in stride, and knowing how to tackle us when we're grown and give us a good spanking if we get too sassy (ha!) ;)

You really are one of the wonderfuls of the world. I'm so glad you're here.

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