Easter Shenanigans :: 2014


Easter is kind of a big deal with my side of the family. Easter Baskets are guaranteed, Jesus Resurrection is partied to, Death is Dead, Candy is eaten, Heaven is talked of. It's kind of the best celebration of all things good.


Getting to celebrate with our girl this year made it even more amazing. She loved the candy, was dancin' in worship and enjoyed fully the brunch (with bacon) we got to enjoy with our incredible friends. After church I asked Ben to grab a few pictures, and as you can see we partied hard before getting home. Our hairs are a little crazy and E's bow is all loose (and shoes came off somewhere between there and home.) But that's all good signs of one happy Easter.

He is Risen, Risen indeed.


  1. Hi, I'm Lydia, Kev's wife. We were so encouraged to get your message. Woohooo some new friends in Helsinki! So when do you move? Where are you moving to? Have you got work? We have been in Finland 9 months now and are really enjoying it here. We would so love to help you in ABSOLUTELY any way that would be most helpful to you, whether thats collecting you from the airport, putting up curtains in your new home, making you a meal or just a big cuddle to welcome you in!
    We meet as church, which currently is 2 families, in our apartment in Lintuvaara in Espoo, this is about 15 mins from the centre of Helsinki. you would be so welcome to join us any week and if we weren't what you are looking for then we would love to help you find your church 'home'.
    Sorry if there has been a slight delay in our reply, we have just got back from the UK. If you would like to be in touch (yes yes yes) then my email is lydiadjones@yahoo.co.uk.
    Much much love