Ten on Ten :: April 2014


If there ever was something I'm grateful for, it's my husbands push into the world of DSLR's. Before our wedding, we bought our first camera together for our honeymoon. He even then knew how minister to my heart. I know any camera will do, especially in the world of iphones and increasingly impressive megapixels, but I think there's something that immediately makes an event special when I bring my 'big' camera along. It puts my mind on alert for moments. It brings out a willingness to go slow, to see where the adventure takes us.

Today is clean laundry that needs to be put away, but more dishes that need to be cleaned. It's the final shipment of suitcases, and a girl that's been a mix of wildly independent and simultaneously needy. It's been an exhausting mix of a day and it's barely past lunch time

It's a sunny day, which often means a good day. But a good day can still be a hard day. It's a thursday.

It's for this reason that ten on ten means so much to me. Because when I sit down during my girls nap, there's a big heavy sigh and the dishes cause a sort of mind numbing exhaustion.  The hamster wheel of it all can sometimes be a bit depressing. But then,  I look at these pictures and I think 'good day.' 

These pictures remind me.

I read a quote recently: "Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure."

Today's already been quite the adventure and I think we'll work to continue to see it as such.


I absolutely love the concept of ten on ten, the brain child of Rebekah Gough. It's so simple. Ten pictures, on the tenth of the month. You can see previous months here or visit her blog for more.

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