St Cloud Adventuring :: A Little Slumber Party


We had been playing a verbal tennis match back and forth on the issue of when and where and if we even could swing it: A girls overnight, just the two of us, before we moved. My good friend for almost 3 years now, Katie  thought of the idea. She cleared her crazy schedule, I started looking for a place to go and we planned a date.

It's a funny thing when you bring two photographers together, We both end up getting half the pictures. But the half that I have, I love.   Her zest for life, and her giver heart are two things I treasure.

It was a blast getting to walk along the downtown strip of st cloud on a cloudy day and talk to all the locals. It was a joy to be in such good, refreshing company and we found quite the many treasures, despite having no plans on shopping. We even got E squeaker shoes that ended up being the best entertainment that evening. :) I learned about quality tooth brushing, delicious coconut ice cream, and this girls incredible back story. Such a great weekend.

Katie, I really love you.

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