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My little spraguelet is on the cusp of two years old in just a few months. While this is bewildering for me, it's also been pretty awesome to see her in her toddler skillz. If there is anything I'm learning, it's just how capable she is.

The other day during our daily walk (once that sun comes out, if its above 35 we are outside!) we happened upon a play ground. Up until this point E couldn't really manage the steps and would get flustered at how limited she was. If there weren't swings present (which there aren't at this particular park) we often times pass. But this time, I figured we'd give it a try. We were the only ones there and I know she has a growing fondness for slides.

You should have seen the excitement in her eyes as she slowly understood what she had to do to climb the steps, hold on to handle bars and eventually slide down the slide. Once she got a taste, she was sold. We climbed up and slid down dozens of times. I was laughing out loud from her screeches of delight.

At first I was nervous letting her pull herself on to those steep steps, but something prompted me to just let her try it. Seconds later she owned it. Confirming the suspicion that indeed my girl is growing up.

At this point my new found struggle is when her abilities are limited by our rules. Sure she can stand on the bed, but that doesn't mean we should let her go running around on it (she's fallen before more than once.)

Sure she can walk pretty fast, but that doesn't mean she gets to run around in the middle of the road.

Sure she can reach the world record for goldfish in a toddler's cheeks, doesn't mean we should allow her to try to chipmunk it (because you know, we've had to turn her upside down before and fish out a giant mass of orange globness after she laughed at us and inhaled said goldfishes.)

And while these 'rules' make perfect sense due to lessons learned, and perhaps are obvious  due to common masses, to her it's all nonsensical. So, it's a daily power of the wills. And that's hard. But I'm learning. Even with mental understanding, she's capable. She rises to the expectations and when she doesn't, there's grace reserved. But just because she doesn't meet them once, doesn't mean I shouldn't let her try tomorrow. Slowly I see her get it.

She's capable. Physically and Mentally. She's getting it.

And I'm capable. Of patience and of the task at hand. I keep reminding myself of both these truths.

This toddlerhood business is a whole beast of its own. But, I think we'll make it out alive.

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