It's a....


A healthy, whole little boy will be coming our way come early 2015. My heart was so filled as the ultrasound doctor (they have actual obstetricians do the ultrasounds here,) kept repeating time and time again, "normal." Normal heart, normal belly, normal brain, bigger head (just like Eowyn) and freakishly long legs (just like Ben.) We got to see our little guy swallowing, and kicking around and his profile looks just like eowyn's did. Which makes my eyes get all dreamy remembering our sweet little baby eowyn. All that to say, we're celebrated big time. The anticipated weight is around 8 lbs come arrival.

When I asked the doctor how sure he was about our little one being a boy, he laughed and said that if he was wrong, he'd like to see the baby. Finns have one of my favorite humors. He joked that we must be the kind of people who like to open our christmas presents early (when we told him we wanted to know.) It does kind of feel that way. A bit like christmas came early.

We have happy hearts all around as we get excited about our little guy. 
What a happy day!

Oh, and most of you were right! Well done with gender prediction. Apparently the boy feelies were strong. I'm impressed.

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