Sailing in Helsinki


Ben's company hosted a family event this weekend on a beautiful sailboat made in the 40's. We got to eat a delicious meal below deck, and enjoyed the fresh air and perfect sunshine for three hours. Eowyn made her rounds, as always; making friends and giving out leg hugs and we enjoyed the company along with her.

It's stuff like this that make me fall in love with this city. The water is kind of magical, and being out on it (with several other sailboats) was a great way to spend a weekend evening.  Also, nothing beats the beauty of Ben's wind-blown hair.

That last picture of E makes me think of a friend of mine that always called her daughter her 'old soul'.  Something about my own little girl, sometimes she looks and acts not just older than her years, but like a little old soul. Maybe the water brings the introspection and calm so often associated with seasoned hearts, It did in Eowyn. She was pretty chill until we had cheesecake!  Luckily the boat reached land just in time for us to get home before her sugar crash :)

It was a great night.

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