Ten on Ten :: September 2014


//This morning we got to join a dear friend of ours for a walk to a beautiful park nearby. Whenever Eowyn puts her little hands in her hoodie I fawn over it. She knows it too, so I think she sometimes does it just for the reaction. //  // Our patio is a revolving piece of art. It's always fun to see the daily contributions of little sketches that form. Sometimes I think of erasing it all and giving it a clean slate.  But I kind of like it this way. //  //  18.5 weeks! //  //  A beautiful dock that we spotted on our walk. The fog that settles on this city makes things even more beautiful. //  // Sickness has been making it rounds through all of our relationships and has finally left our home. Just in time for a deep clean. Luckily at the same spot I get my lemonade, they also have method cleaning products! Now I can clean my house and actually read the instructions. :) // // A shower has been taken! How do I have a two year old and I still struggle so much with basic self-care?! I'm challenging myself to figure it out before 20 more weeks have past and we have a new little one to adjust to. // /Our Town// //Date night with this guy. // // Esplanade Park (and no seagull on top of his head!) // // Creepin. ;)

I love these posts for a number of reasons. One is to show just how much life has changed from the other ten on ten posts. Mostly, it makes very normal days seem kind of magical.

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  1. Totally stalking your blog right now, because I love it so much. Lady, you have a way with words and images that I envy -- but it's OK because I get to enjoy these stories you share. I'm so glad you have this blog and I'm so glad that God put us in the same church, if only for a bit. I keep meaning to do the 10 on 10, but I always forget until the 12th or 13th. Maybe October will be it. I'll keep you posted!