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As soon as I posted this, the baby went quiet. No more kicks for like...7 days. A good week without feeling the little gal or guy made my heart ache. Luckily a few days before week eighteen they showed up again! Can I just say how wild it is to think of all the inner workings going on right now? I look at Eowyn and all she can do and my mind aches with thinking of all the work God does in forming this little one. I'm thankful. Man, has my love grown for my Jesus with each baby he lets me experience. They are "fearfully and wonderfully made."

This second trimester has been so sweet, and so very fast! It's plowing along quite nicely, and as they always say-second trimester is kind of gloryland for pregnant folks. I'm a big fan of being able to eat normal foods and still sleep relatively well. Plus Ben loves me a million times over and let me buy a pregnancy pillow from the states (the shipping cost was almost as much as the pillow itself. Plus 24 % Vat. Bleh. Never the less, Ben loves me.) I didn't have one last pregnancy, but I'm grateful for it now. I love it.  So does Eowyn.

The major ache in the bones is kind of a bummer, one that I don't remember having last time around. I also didn't have a toddler or walk several miles daily last time around, so when my legs are on fire I think it has more to do with the fact that with E I was sitting in a nice systematic theology class sippin' my sweet drinks and noshin' on some snacks while using my brain. Now I have to keep sharing with a toddler and getting outside on adventures. Different muscles are being used. Again thankful for that pillow.

We have an appointment tomorrow! It's a standard one, but I'm pretty sure we'll set up our ultrasound appointment then. Yahoo! I haven't decided how we'll share the good ol' gender reveal news. Perhaps we won't and just keep it a secret? My mom wouldn't be okay with that. Ha! She worked hard to get Eowyn's name out before her arrival, but we prevailed! This time, it's different though. I think having a miscarriage is both weird in that it makes me hold my breath and think thoughts like "don't celebrate quite yet." and on the flip side it makes me want to celebrate all the sooner. This life is alive and well RIGHT NOW, and he or she already has a gender, which means it already has a name!  And it already has a personality! We just get to find out which it'll be.

I'm really excited. I think a boy would be fun because of the whole 'gender jackpot' that'll be and we would be able to get a taste of what raising each was like,  but I have a special love for the girl name we have picked out and um,  two little sisters? Oh, it would be the sweetest. I think Eowyn + Baby will = a heart explosion either way, so the party will be just as large regardless of it's underthings.

Soon enough, we'll see.

It's fun being on this side of the halfway mark of pregnancy. My body is more sore this time around and I anticipate that the coming months will bring a bit of a struggle with all the necessary walking we get to do, but perhaps that'll help walk the baby out when the time comes! We're praising Jesus for our boy, and treasuring the 5 or so months we get to spend with Eowyn before baby #2 arrives.

The planner in me is beginning to rev her engines. Getting the books, planning the meals. It's a far way off, but weeks pass by in a blur. While the planning is taking place, I also remember how quickly we prepared for E in those last few weeks before she came, and how God did a magical thing of moving us along when we were really in no rush. He knew and when she came, we were ready.

Excited to prepare for his arrival. Excited for this family of four.

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