Sunflower Fields :: Espoo, Finland


A friend of mine gave me a heads up of a sunflower field out in a suburb nearby. She thought I might like it, and she was right.  It's a self serve sunflower field, where one can get 4 flowers for a euro. Getting excited about the opportunity to get some flowers and be outdoors, this morning we ventured out hoping to find the place.

While I'm a big fan of the sea-side living that we've got going on, there's something about big fields and high birch trees. Eowyn and I take to it like nothing else, and Ben always comments how he can tell we're in our element.

It's these sorts of mornings that are leaving their mark on my heart. It's a slow but steady process of falling in love with the places we're living in.

Hope your weekends are off to a great start.


  1. Beautiful photos, as always! What a beautiful spot. So glad you found it :)

  2. Hi Brittany,
    I love the color and peacefulness in your pictures. And by chance, I also live in Helsinki now, could you share with me the location of the sunflower field. I always want to be in one but I have never had the chance.