Greg and Sarah // Engaged!



This past summer Ms Sarah contacted me inquiring if I'd be willing to take their photos. I was excited to get such an opportunity! Sarah and I had been on the same softball team a few years ago and getting to see her again was something I was excited to do. I had yet to meet her beloved, but when that day came, it was a joy!

Their love for each other was obvious the minute I saw them together. There's a sweet sense of humor they share and it was a pleasure to get to capture their kindness towards each other and their joy so often displayed in these photos.  It was hard to pick which ones to share-you are both an incredible looking couple. 

We were planning to meet at Minnehaha Falls-but soon into our pictures it started pouring down rain. Luckily, Greg and Sarah are very easy-going couple-ready to do whatever. We ventured over to a local coffee shop to talk and to take a few pictures while the rain came down. Getting to hear their favorites about each other and the details of their relationship is always my favorite when meeting with couples! Later, we went to the Guthrie and the Stone Arch to capture a few more images. While the weather sure was something, getting to see these two in action-all that love for each other- was a joy and left me smiling for the rest of the day. 

Thanks Greg and Sarah for letting me capture your sweet relationship. You guys are troopers in all that rain! I know that your marriage will be a continual reflection of the growing love between you two. It really was an honor getting to celebrate you both in this way. Congrats!

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