Birthday Celebrations!


Today is my husbands Birthday! He's the big 2-7. For some reason, ever since I can remember, I've been convinced that the 27th year of life is just plain awesome. I'm excited to see if this proves true. 

So, to kick off this exciting year, we decided to go on a hike at one of our local national parks.

 (If you're on facebook, you've already seen most of the photos, if not-they can be found  here.)

In addition to hiking, Ben opened presents.One of which was a special present from Eowyn. She got him a special father daughter T-shirt/onsie set from little treetops .

They look pretty good together, no?

We checked out a local church (we're looking for a place to call home!) and this evening we ate chocolate cheesecake! I used the recipe here. It was quite the achievement. Ben's favorite desert is chocolate cheesecake and this is the first time ever making it from scratch!

Here are the pictures from the evening. 

We both joke that we like each other's birthdays more than our own. Early on we decided part of our family culture was to celebrate. Getting to celebrate one another has turned into a special sort of event and birthdays are a very fun time to do so.

Another tradition in our little family is a fun game every year. (The total J type personality is what makes this 'fun' to us) Ben gets to list off 27 things he wants to accomplish in his 27th year and I get to list of 27 things I love about him. I'll probably post a few of his here on the blog once he's completed his list. That way next year we can see which ones we actually accomplished, and which ones get carried over to next year. 

Happy birthday to the man of all men. You are remarkable; the hero of this story. Our daughter has  an incredible example of what a husband and a father looks like. Thank you for demonstrating who the big Hero is: Jesus, daily and continuing to create a family culture of grace through gospel, joy despite circumstance and celebration.  I'm blessed to call you my husband, Eowyn is blessed to call you dad and us girls our proud to belong with you.

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