I have awesome friends.


I've got a baby sleeping in the other room, the sun shining in my new window and a nice walk, clean new place, and unpacking under my belt.

There's part of me that's incredibly excited about this adventure. Even the fact that the sun does seem brighter here (we ARE in the mile-high city.) But I'll be honest to say that it's a little scary.

After a crazy flight, where our baby was a ROCKSTAR, we finally got our rental car (which was an adventure in itself) and arrived at our place. While sitting in the parking lot for a few seconds I looked over to Ben and said "I don't know anybody other than you. Like, absolutely no one."

and the thing I had been anticipating-that crazy feeling of being in a new state for the first time-it hit. I don't feel too sad, I actually feel quite excited. Its been a good experience for me-seeing as I've never lived somewhere where I didn't know at least a handful of people. It's allowing me to focus on our family without worry of neglecting others, and yet giving me a passion for people that like me-aren't connected with anybody in the location they live in.

It's amazing to me that people live their whole lives like this.

Last night I opened a special little package from a dear friend of mine. She got a book and filled it with pictures of us and others and had other people write little notes in it. I got teary-eyed and all mushy. Ben said "Brittany, you've got really good friends."

I use to pray for friends like these. I used to imagine up what a 'good friend' would be and think to myself that there really isn't any body like that. Someone who decides to bless me-go out of their way- just because they love me. Someone that has nothing to gain. Other than Jesus, I figured that was-while occasionally an occurance-just not something I could realistically expect.

And then I look back over the past few years of my life and I am overwhelmed. From the first few years of college when I had girlfriends who deliberately loved me and celebrated my success. I remember being overwhelemed with their love. And not knowing how to respond. I used to think "why are they being so nice to me?" Then, to get married and have so many of those friends last through this stage, and to add others.

My relationship with the women of my life have allowed me fall in love with Jesus in a way that no other relationship could. They've taught me about a Jesus who loves me unconditionally-and understands me in a deep way. They've taught me about delighting over simple things and laughter and how much Jesus delights in his daughters.

To have relationships with all the women in my small group. To have women like Katie K in my life who feels like a sister to me-not in that cheesy way, but in that actual deep down we must be related way, to have friends-many of which filled the pages of that journal-that check in on me and keep tabs, and celebrate.  To have friends like Alisa and Katie H that I get to walk through this whole mom thing with, and to be encouraged. To have a friend like Emily who KNOWS me. Since chubby cheek faced girl to now-and to be able to know that our relationship is unbreakable because its lasted through heartache and delights, To have friends like Grace, Shannon, DCB or Amy  who make me laugh deep down in my belly and givers like Val and Kari...or friends like Aubrey who redefine embracing another and bringing them into their life. To have a Laura-who sees into my soul. OH! How blessed am I!

Jesus. You are so good to me. You know my heart and delight in bringing such sweet friends into my life. How could I ask for anything more?

I used to see other women and their friendships, and a little "I wish I could have that" would dwell in my heart. Well. maybe its the few hundred miles allowing me to reflect-but I'm sitting pretty happy. I don't get to see some of my favorite faces for a few months, but my heart and my soul know how good it is to have the women I have in my life.

Thank you Friends. Aubrey, Amy, Alisa, Katie, Bekah, Emily, Katie H, Kari, Grace, Laura, Nardine, Val,  all my small group ladies and so many others who have intentionally stayed in this life of mine. I am overwhelmed with your goodness. You fill my life to the brim and give me feasts of joy.

Happy Day indeed.

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